LOGO BASKET Appearing at a youth basketball camp, West (who claims he hadn't shot a ball in a decade), stood in front of a group of young kids and demonstrated how to align your elbow with the basket. Pretty simple stuff — especially if ... More specifically, the Department of Health and Human Services will now pressure health insurers to retroactively accept payment for coverage that was supposed to begin on January 1, even if no payments have been made ...

LOGO BASKET C'est Michael Jordan himself, à la mi-temps du match contre Utah, qui a présenté le logo des futurs Charlotte Hornets. Un logo choisi par les fans, The logo and visual identity of EuroBasket 2015 were unveiled on Sunday at a special ceremony and press-conference at Stozice Arena in Ljubljana a few hours before the EuroBasket 2013 medalgames.FIBA … Hébergé par OverBlog.


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