LOGO AXIS Axis Patrimoni logo and brand identity design by COMITÉ. I always admire a designer/studio who are confident enough to run with the most simplest of logo marks in order to create a companies logo mark. It really does need a solid sense of ... Thinkbox partnered with Axis Branding to develop their Name, Branding and Website. It was clear from conception that Axis Branding needed a clean, clear lo.

LOGO AXIS Comments. yahoo-logo. Yahoo under Marissa Mayer is taking a page from her old employer, Google, and sunsetting 12 products, with some starting as soon as today. Included are AltaVista and other search products like its ... As such, Casio's just launched a 16-megapixel, 18X zoom EX-ZR800 Exilim engine-equipped model with features like continuous shooting, "night shot" ISO 25,600 sensitivity, HDR and five axis stabilization. Unlike with the ...


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